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Internal Medicine

We have experience and expertise with diagnostic testing, and the treatment of diseases related to dogs, cats, and most other domestic pets. We also issue pet passports, and health certificates for travel, as well as deworming and tick treatment.

Surgical facilities

Our highly experienced veterinarians and nurses will make sure that your animal receives professional treatment throughout any surgical procedure. We have the capacity to carry out both routine and specialist surgery.


We offer after-hours service 365 days a year. If you need to reach us to treat a sick or injured animal outside of our opening hours, please contact us through our Emergency Care Unit, Vagtkreds Nord, on +45 70 22 11 01.

Dental care

A happy animal has strong, healthy teeth. We have the knowledge and hands-on experience to provide expert dental care, as well as the right equipment to treat your pet.


Are you considering breeding a litter of puppies, or do you have a healthy, beautiful male dog? We can help you with everything from the best time to mate your dog, to assistance during the birth.

Laboratory & equipment

The correct diagnosis, and effective treatment requires modern equipment. We are proud to offer the latest equipment, and high quality facilities to ensure that your animal receives the best possible treatment options.

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